Global Just Recovery Gathering

What is your vision of the future? Join the Global Just Recovery Gathering, a 3-day online event featuring amazing activists, leaders, and artists – all working together to build the future we deserve. This is the time for the climate movement to reconnect!

The meeting will have support for other languages. Sign up today.

A 3-day online event, full of fun and effective training sessions, graced with amazing activists, leaders, and artists to energise us. It will be a space to design new pathways for a better future for all.


Um evento on-line de 3 dias, cheio de sessões de treinamento divertidas e eficazes, agraciado com ativistas, líderes e artistas incríveis para nos energizar. Será um espaço para projetar novos caminhos para um futuro melhor para todos.

Veja o site da em português do Brasil

Princípios para uma Recuperação Justa diante do COVID-19

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