Earth Day 2020

Featured image above: Forest in Presidente Prudente, Amazonas, July 2010.

Today is Earth Day 2020. The image below puts our planet in a certain perspective.

The Pale Blue Dot – Image credits: Voyager Project, NASA, JPL-Caltech

View of Earth (the little blue dot in the beam of sunlight about halfway up, just right of centre) from the Voyager 1 spacecraft on 14th February 1990. Read astronomer Carl Sagan’s reflections on its significance. His words are appropriate not just because today is Earth Day 2020 and we are in the midst of a pandemic, but also because the climate emergency, air and water pollution, the biodiversity crisis, and the growing divide between the rich and everyone else will be making their effects felt every single day of our future.

See more information about The Pale Blue Dot on NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day webpage

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