GNU/Linux and free (as in freedom) software: users must be more active in the community

Featured image (above): Free as in “freedom” by Tomasz W. Kozłowski; based on the official GNU Head logo; available under the GNU Free Documentation License. See other images by this author here.

On *diaspora, a federated, or non-centralised, social network that respects your freedom and privacy, posts have been denouncing diverse threats to GNU/Linux and free software in general. I made the following comment to one such post recently:

The #GNU/ #Linux and #freesoftware community needs to be more active than ever to defend the four freedoms defined by the #FSF. That means those that simply use free software will need to play more active roles in the community. These include promoting, supporting, donating, joining, translating, testing and perhaps even learning to develop, maintain and contribute code to free software.


Join the Free Software Association and support GNU and free software

I joined the Free Software Foundation as an associate member in November 2017 thinking this would be a good way to give back to the free software community. Of course more must be done and I’m looking to help out in projects. See how you too can help out. The more of us actively engaged in the community, the stronger and more resilient it will become. If you don’t already use free software, have a look at the Free Software Foundation’s website to learn more about GNU and free software.

GNU and TuxGNU/Linux is a free operating system consisting of the GNU collection of free software together with the Linux kernel. Image: Larry Ewing, Simon Budig and Anja Gerwinski [FAL or Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons.

See more interesting GNU artwork here


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