Oysterculture on the Amazon mangrove coast

A paper from Dioniso de Souza Sampaio’s Ph.D. thesis went into volume 11 of Reviews in Aquaculture yesterday (14 February 2019). The paper has been available on Early View since December 2017. Dioniso, who defended his thesis in May 2017, is following up with manuscripts on water quality at culture units as well as aspects of seed production.

Photo (top): Dioniso de Souza Sampaio. On-growing tables at Nazaré do Seco, Maracanã,  Pará, Brazil.

Souza Sampaio, D. , Tagliaro, C. H., Schneider, H. and Beasley, C. R. (2019), Oyster culture on the Amazon mangrove coast: asymmetries and advances in an emerging sector. Rev Aquacult, 11: 88-104. doi:10.1111/raq.12227

Foto 32_São Caetano de Odivelas
Oyster growers tending to their on-growing tables in São Caetano das Odivelas, Pará, Brazil.
Photo: Dioniso de Souza Sampaio.

Quick summary

On the Amazon mangrove coast of Pará state, Brazil,  oyster culture began only in 2006 and has been expanding ever since. Of the 7 culture units involved, which provide income for 80 families, two stand out in terms of greater production, although smaller units produce more efficiently. Despite increasing production, the paper identifies the need for better internal organisation of the units for marketing and sales, regular monitoring of growth, production and water quality parameters, development of depuration facilities and more diverse sources of seed for on-growing. Additionally, there should be more partnerships with the private sector and greater participation of oyster growers in developing public policies on oyster culture and protection of natural oyster beds.

More information: Interview with Dioniso de Sousa Sampaio for the World Fishing and Aquaculture magazine.

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