Planet Earth is screwed…what can I do to help?

The latest WWF report on biodiversity loss should concern everyone. Our biodiversity is directly linked to healthy ecosystem services and thus, to human survival. As an example, the action of insect pollinators is vital for agriculture.

The blame for the biodiversity crisis lies heavily on the shoulders of greedy and irresponsible [add your choice of depreciating adjectives here…] corporations, lawmakers and large media outlets. These have tried, for example, to put the blame for climate change on “humanity” or “human nature”.

The bottom line is that our very survival is at stake, unless we defend our environment. That’s the air you breath, the water you drink, where your food comes from, where you live and work, do shopping, run, cycle, take walks or go on holidays. Oh, and by the way, we don’t have much time left to act!


An egret hunting amphibians in a seasonally flooded area along the now dismantled railway line between Bragança and Belém, northern Brazil.

What can I do?

  • Whenever possible, use a bike instead of a car

Reduce your use of fossil fuels overall. Install solar, make your home energy efficient, fly less, use carbon neutral public or private transport.

  • Eat less meat and rice

Both use lots of water and impact natural habitats. A more diverse diet based on grains, nuts, fruit and vegetables, locally produced where possible, has a lower water footprint and is healthier for you.

  • Think more about the amount of water you use each day

Don’t take water for granted. One in ten people on Earth lack access to a regular supply of clean water. Fix leaks, close the tap, use only what you need and never waste water.

  • Be an active and conscientious consumer

Be informed about the sustainability and social responsibility associated with your purchases, both tend to go hand in hand. If in doubt, don’t buy it. Give priority to businesses that clearly show they are making an effort and let them know you appreciate this.

  • Voice your environmental concerns with your elected representatives

Get politically engaged. Let your local, state and national representatives know about your concern for the environment and for biodiversity and how this affects you and your community. Make suggestions and propose solutions and examples from other places.

  • Spread the word

It goes without saying, the more people involved the better! Corporations and lawmakers tend to notice when there is massive support for a cause, since it means there is money and/or votes at stake!

Featured image (top) by Apollo 8, NASA. ‘Earthrise’ image from the #NASA_App

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